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Barnyard Coffee

Blend | Great Horned Owl - Half Caff | Very Dark Roast

Blend | Great Horned Owl - Half Caff | Very Dark Roast

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Brand New Roast - Great Horned Owl Blend

  • Cupping Notes: Full-bodied, Smoky, Dark Chocolate
  • Aroma: Sweet, Dark Chocolate
  • Recommended Method: Designed For Toddy (Cold Brew), Coffee Pot or Pour Over

This blend is a darker roast for those that want a bold rich flavor with a full body and mild smoky notes. Designed especially for those that want a little pick me up but not the jitters. In milk, it deepens with lush dark chocolate and rich tones. As black coffee has undertones of rich dark chocolate without being bitter. Very smooth rich cup.
You’ll love the Great Horned Owl blend!

Premium Arabica Coffee Beans | Swiss Water Process Decaf

@ Origin Certified Organic

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Customer Reviews

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So smooth, flavorful and aromatic!

First of all, the aroma when you open the package is heavenly. I made both cold brew and regular brewed coffee. The cold brew has a delicious bold flavor and is very smooth. The brewed coffee us just as wonderful. My husband, who never comments on his coffee, sent me a message this morning complimenting the coffee. I will be using this all summer for my cold brew and would highly recommend it. Love the half caff!