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Barnyard Coffee Roasters

Flavored | Coconut Cake

Flavored | Coconut Cake

9 total reviews

It’s so popular! Prepare Either as a Cold Brew or Brew Hot

Our most favorite flavor, coconut has gotten a twist! COCONUT CAKE! Yes, you read that right! Flavors of vanilla and brown sugar compliments coconut so well.  Instead of dark roast like our regular coconut this flavor is on a medium roast coffee. It's like vacation in your glass for sure.  Like all of our flavors this coffee is sugar free.

Why limit yourself to vanilla or hazelnut in flavored coffees? We use the same high quality organic beans that you come to expect from Barnyard Coffee and infuse them fresh from the roaster with natural flavored extracts specifically made for coffee.  Our flavorings contain NO PROPYLENE GLYCOL!

Choose whole bean to grind as you use for maximum flavor.

Choose medium grind for a traditional coffee pot or pour over.

Choose Keurig grind for a refillable pod or Moka pot.

Choose Coarse Grind for Cold Brew or French Press. 

  • To make cold brew, grind 12 oz. of beans on the coarsest grind setting (french press).
  • Add 7 cups cold water and allow to sit for 12-24 hours. (We soak ours for 20 hours.)
  • Filter the concentrate and store in the refrigerator for up to 2 weeks.
  • Mix concentrate to your taste. We recommend starting with a ratio of 1 part concentrate to 3 parts water, milk or milk substitute.

This method produces a coffee that is 60-70% less acidic than the same coffee brewed the hot method!

To use as a hot coffee grind and brew as you normally would! 

Reg or Decaf
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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews

Coconut Cake is one of my all time favorite coffees. It is so smooth and the flavor is perfect. As the old saying goes…”Good to the Last Drop.”

Tastes Super Good

Love the coconut cake flavor.

Barbara Burgess
Best coffee EVER!!

Love Barnyard Coffee! The Singular Origin Ethiopia is my favorite and the flavored coffee’s never disappoint. Coconut Cake is a delightful flavor to be enjoyed slowly and the Blueberry flavor is just as yummy.

Carey Foster
At first sip Oh my goodness!

Be ready for your whole kitchen to smell of sweet coconut nut cake. I put off way too long to try this one! New favorite- but so incredibly good! If you love coconut then you’ll love this one! I like my coffee black, so at first sip I was like OMG! But ohh so smooth just like all of barnyard coffees! I’m in love with this one!


One of my absolute favorites! We use a French press after grinding these beautiful beans in our burr grinder. I love this with half and half and a dash of cinnamon! I once made a cup with chocolate milk, and it tasted like a famous candy bar! Yum!