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Barnyard Coffee

Blend | Barnyard Black | Very Dark Roast

Blend | Barnyard Black | Very Dark Roast

6 total reviews

Brand New Roast - If you like it dark, you've arrived!

  • Cupping Notes: Full-bodied, dark chocolate , rich & smooth.
  • Aroma: Sweet, Chocolaty
  • Recommended Method: Designed For Toddy (Cold Brew), Coffee Pot or Pour Over

Designed especially for milk drinks. In milk, sweetens and deepens with lush dark chocolate and rich tones. Delicious pot of coffee as well. Very smooth cup.
You’ll love the Barnyard Black blend!

(Very oily, not recommended for Most Home Espresso Machines)

Premium Arabica Coffee Beans 
@ Origin Certified Organic

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Kim Ellen Bailey
Liquid gold

As a Louisiana native, we start drinking “coffee milk” in our bottles. (No joke) I’m 5’11” so it didn’t stunt me. Graduated to demitasse when we could not break the China. All this to say, we are all coffee drinkers and picky ones at that!! This is the best coffee ever!! I’m now a transplant (now in Arkansas) and having this shipped is easy and a joy! Cannot imagine a morning without this delectable treat!

Nancy Genova
Good Morning!

Ahhhhhhh. The smell of the beans is delicious! The perked coffee is what I expect for my morning breakfast routine…… in fact, that pot of coffee has me enjoying it for hours!

Chris C
Simply the best

Out of all the roasts that I have tried from Barnyard, I find this one to be best for me. While it is dark roasted, it is so silky smooth. No bitterness, low acidity and tastes great with or without cream. Do not be afraid to try dark roast. You will be surprised how good this roast really is. Thanks again Barnyard.


You know that bitter taste some coffees have? Well, this one doesn’t have it, and actually none of the roasts do! This coffee is a staple in our home arriving each month.

Jeremy Shreiner
Beat the Local

I couldn’t find anyone to come close to my favorite local espresso blend. This not only matched it but became my favorite! Just what the morning, and evening ordered!