Tea Pockets (Tea Bags)

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Tea Pockets Make Brewing Loose Leaf Tea Easy!

Unlike other fill-your-own tea bags, Tea Pockets are self-sealing and come with a string attached for easy removal after steeping.  Tea Pocket's ultra-thin, almost transparent material allows water to completely circulate through the leaves, which yields a better tasting cup of tea.  Tea pockets are disposable, bleach-free, adhesive-free and have no paper taste.  Great for tea on the go and easy clean up!


Tea is only as good as the water used to prepare it. Spring or filtered water is best.

Over steeping may make tea taste bitter. If you prefer strong tea, simply use more leaves. Most teas taste best when infused 3-4 minutes. The string allows for easy removal of the tea bag after steeping.

Unlike traditional, pre-filled tea bags, Tea Pockets allows you to adjust the strength to fit your personal taste. Although serving size is flexible and depends upon desired strength and the type of tea, we recommend using:
1/2 tablespoon (6-10 ounce cup)
1 tablespoon (10-12 ounce cup)