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Cocco Rose | Oolong - Low Caffeine

This tea is a collaboration with Instagram's @the.cocco.channel!

Inspired by the delicate floral and fruity notes in a glass of sweet champagne, this tea blends the voluptuous scent of blooming roses with the summery flavor of fresh-picked strawberries. A hint of juicy peach, crisp apple and creamy vanilla sweeten the deal. This well-balanced blend will calm a sugar craving. We think this tea fits Brittney perfectly with her beautiful sparkling personality! Cheers!


  • Oolong tea, Dried apple, Raisins, Licorice root, Hibiscus, Fennel, Pineapple cubes (pineapple, sugar), Juniper berries, Rose buds, Strawberries, Anise, Rose hips, Peach cubes (peach, rice flour), Star anise, Vanilla bean, Natural flavors 

Each bag will contain at least 2 sweet rose buds. 

This tea is made from 100% natural ingredients.

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