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Louisiana Pecan

NEW FOR 2023!  Natural roasted pecan flavor, no sweetness...just nutty.  This has been a long awaited and requested flavor.  We've been asked for years to duplicate the famous Texas Pecan flavor that so many people love. And like usual, Debbie won't release it until she gets it right!  This is a medium/dark roast that is rich and smooth.  Just like all of our flavors, no added sugar, making this a treat you can enjoy without the guilt! HELLOOO Louisiana Pecan! Yum!

 Ditch the flavored creamers and drink our organic coffee infused with natural flavoring! 

Why limit yourself to vanilla or hazelnut in flavored coffees? We use the same high quality organic beans that you come to expect from Barnyard Coffee and infuse them fresh from the roaster with natural flavored oils specifically made for coffee.  Get ready to wow your senses! 



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