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Salted Caramel Chai | Black Tea

Exotic chai spices, creamy sarsaparilla, dark cocoa shells, and a touch of caramel playfully enhance this antioxidant-rich black tea. Enjoy on its own, or brew it strong and add a splash of milk and honey to enhance the dessert-like character. To brew a decadent, spiced chai latte, gently simmer 1 heaping tablespoon of tea, ¾ cup water, and ¼ cup milk for 5 minutes. Strain and sweeten to taste. Rich, buttery, and delicious!


  • Organic black tea
  • Organic ginger
  • Organic cardamom
  • Organic cinnamon
  • Organic cocoa shells
  • Organic sarsaparilla root
  • Organic coconut
  • Natural caramel and vanilla flavors