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Want Your Own Custom Label? 

Have a special event you want to celebrate with your own "Private Label" coffee? Just want the fun novel coffee with your farm animal as the star?  Create your own custom coffee by sending us your personally owned photograph and we will create a coffee label just for you! 

Announce a new baby with a special coffee!

Create your own label for a wedding or anniversary! 

We will also add special dates to the bag.  Please see the photos for examples.

Because of the time it takes to customize labels just for you these will be sold in quantities of 8. Order 8, 16, 24 etc. Shipping on this item is FREE and discounts will be given for orders of 32 or more. (4 bundles of 8.) Please allow 1 week for processing. You choose the coffee you want in the bags (one variety per order).

Have FUN!


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