Fall 2019 Roasters Report

Fall 2019 Roasters Report

Hello from the Roasting Studio of Barnyard Coffee Roasters!

September has rolled around again, summer is easing into fall and our attention is refocused on things closer to home. Kids in school, local market events, and preparing for the upcoming influx of fall & winter coffee orders.

Much has changed here at Barnyard Coffee since our last annual update. We've established an e-commerce presence thank you to our marketing guru Debbie & Shopify! (i should have bought stock too)

The increase in orders, had a significant impact on our production schedule which by February / March of this year caused us to seek out a new production roaster.

A long story-very short, we found a 'Brand-New-Still-in-Box' 2016 Diedrich IR12 Roaster. (It's a BEAUTY) Talk about, right place, right time!!!! OMW

Our production capacity changed from 2.2 lb per batch to 25 lbs per batch! 

We've settled in on 12 - 18 lbs of green coffee per batch of our 11-13 different origins of coffee.

We are excited to see what the next 6 - 12 months develops into.

Look for me on IG, I'm hoping to create a dialog opportunity and roast-along sessions from time to time.

Thanks for your support We are thrilled about roasting each coffee to its potential and sharing that with you. 

Derek & Debbie

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  • Lane Carter

    Truly artisanal! I was surprised at how much I loved the coconut infusion :-)

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